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Innovation for an advanced and sustainable fashion

What is Avantex Paris?


Avantex Paris, a trade show providing solutions for a more advanced and sustainable fashion industry, is held once a year in July during the Texworld Apparel Sourcing Paris edition.

Since 2015, Avantex Paris brings together the international fashion-tech offer by integrating all the innovations and services that, from upstream to downstream of the industry, allow to accompany the ecological and digital transformation of the fashion actors.

3D design, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, big data, miniaturization of complex electronic components, 3D printers, biofabrication, have generated new services and materials. Avantex Paris, which brings together startups and innovative service companies that are committed around key themes such as circular fashion, transparency or virtualization, offers a window on the fashion of tomorrow.

Avantex Paris exhibitors are selected for their ability to provide brands and suppliers with new processes, technologies or materials. 

Innovative offers to address specific goals such as: making the fashion industry less polluting and more circular, making the textile and clothing industry more resilient, enhancing transparency, improving product traceability, investing in new virtual spaces in accordance with the evolution of practices and bringing fashion into the metaverse.

In order to highlight the players who support and accompany the necessary digital and ecological transformation of the industry, Avantex Paris is now structured around 3 concepts:

Le HUB, which brings together suppliers of innovative solutions and services for the fashion industry in a completely open area,

The Designer HUB is designed to bring selected textile studios, agencies and independent designers together with fashion brands and manufacturers,

ReSources, which showcases suppliers of innovative and eco-responsible products, materials and manufacturing techniques in an exhibition area specially designed to host their samples and showcase their innovations.

Le HUB : innovative services & solutions


Our ambition?

Focus on solution providers who support the digital and ecological transformation of the fashion industry.

To this end, we are creating a new area: Le HUB, an open space that gathers suppliers of innovative solutions and services that meet the fashion professionals needs.

The concept?

On Le HUB, each exhibitor has a minimum surface area of 6sqm in a completely open space.

Each space is provided with : 

  • 1 counter,
  • 1 table,
  • 2 chairs,
  • 1 waste bin,
  • 1 triple socket,
  • 1 TV with stand.


How much?

From 2,800€ excl. VAT.

Who is Le HUB made for?

Software, platforms and processes editors, agencies, studios and innovative design offices, working on themes such as: 

  • supply chain transparency and management, 
  • reduction, recycling and reuse of unsold or used textiles and clothing,
  • digitalisation, virtualisation, tokenisation, 3D creation or prototyping 
  • optimisation and pooling of resources,
  • process optimisation (prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, inventory management)
  • “Web3” technologies for fashion (Metaverses, NFTs, crypto-currencies, blockchain technologies, decentralized applications, 3D design, 3D softwares, AI, augmented reality, holograms, virtual models and avatars, etc.).

The Designer HUB: fashion and textile design services


Our ambition?

To bring together the talents - freelance designers, agencies and fashion and textile design studios - who use their know-how and ingenuity to create the next fashion and textile collections.  

The concept?

At the Designer HUB, each exhibitor has a minimum surface area of 6m² in a semi-open-plan area.
Each area is equipped with :

  • 1 large high table with lockers,
  • 4 high stools
  • 1 waste bin
  • 1 light.

How much will it cost?

Welcome offer for a first participation: 1500e HT, then 2800e HT

Who is it for?

The Designer HUB is designed for and in collaboration with suppliers of textile, printing and product design services, working for the fashion industry.

ReSources : innovative products & materials


Our ambition?

Highlight and gather suppliers of innovative and eco-responsible products, materials and manufacturing techniques in a dedicated exhibition area of the fair.

The concept?

  • ReSources is not a booth but a 1sqm podium specially designed to host your samples and showcase your innovations combined with a presentation of your company and a QR code.
  • ReSources is a 100% phygital offer providing great flexibility to suppliers and editors of innovative textile products and supplies. Indeed, it enables exhibitors to present their products to visitors and be contacted by them even if they do not physically attend the show.
  • How? By using the QR code linked to our partner's digital platform Foursource, visitors will be able to get in touch with exhibitors, obtain additional information on their company and the samples displayed on the fair.


How much?

990€ excl. VAT.

Who is ReSources made for?

Suppliers addressing the fashion industry with innovative soft materials and supplies that: 

  • involve research or inventiveness in relation to what already exists,
  • incorporate innovative processes (biofabrication, multi-material recycling, 3D printing or knitting),
  • integrate new materials that are not yet widely used in the manufacture of fashion products (electronics, various food waste, mycelium),
  • are vectors of new functionalities (accelerated biodegradability, thermoregulation, cosmetics and various treatments).

Who is Avantex Paris for?

All fashion industry professionals working on the future of fashion!

Exhibit at Avantex Paris,and meet your future customers and partners!

  • SHOWCASE your latest innovations and technologies to maximize and develop your brand exposure.
  • CONNECT in person with buyers and decision makers from ready to wear brands, distributors and fashion houses.
  • POSITION your company as a key player to launch innovative initiatives for the future of fashion.
  • ENRICH your professional network thanks to the dynamic created by the Messe Frankfurt Shows.
  • TAKE PART in prospective conferences to build the fashion of tomorrow.
  • ACT for an advanced and more sustainable fashion industry.

Avantex Paris is the right place for you if you showcase…


Seize the opportunity to meet buyers from major brands!

They visit Avantex Paris:
Armand Thiery, Benetton, Bershka, Bonprix, Chanel, Etam, H&M, Hugo Boss, IKKS, La Halle, La Redoute, Longchamp, Maje, Mark & Spencer, MaxMara, Moncler, Monoprix, Naf Naf, Next, Oysho, Stradivarius, Zadig & Voltaire.

68 % of buyers are European - Top 6 countries: France, China, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Türkiye.*


88% of buyers are decision-makers (or take part in the decision-making process) in R&D, Design, Production / Quality, Purchasing, Marketing / Communication, Sales / Export, Retailers…*


75% of buyers visit the show to meet new suppliers.*


Exhibitors’ words


AWARE (The Netherlands) – July 2023

Koen WARMERDAM, Co-Founder and Director
« Being recognized with the Avantex Fashion Pitch’ Grand Prize is such an honor for Aware™️’s team. We developed a solution to support brands and suppliers to have trustworthy data, which helps them to make sustainability claims with confidence and consumers to make better and more conscious decisions. »

FINGERTIP (Singapore) - February 2022

Pierre RABOTIN, Marketing Manager
« Great opportunity for us to introduce our solution Fingertip to whole new audience. We also got the chance to speak at an interesting roundtable with some of our industry's key players: AI, blockchain and how new technologies support a more virtuous and transparent fashion. During the fair we discussed with our visitors how cloud technologies can help make our supply chain more resilient and increase transparency and collaboration. »

COLOREEL (Sweeden) - September 2018

Magnus HELLSTRÖM, Marketing and Sales Director
« We had a lot of very high quality visitors. We are very happy, we reached our target, the distributors. Some of them came from China, Japan, Taiwan and India, but also from Eastern Europe, which is the current trend. »

INDUO (France) - February 2018

Chloé VANESSE, Business Strategist
« Anything to do with new technology is a big hit. Visitors are curious and want to know how it works. ».

EUVEKA (France) - February 2017

Audrey-Laure BERGENTHAL, Founder and CEO
« The high quality of the visitors and the very high traffic connected us to the international market earlier than expected. The reception of the product in the export market (especially India, China and Bangladesh) was very positive, with a high chance of conversion to purchase. »

WORLFORD (Austria) - February 2017

Clara Mattioli, Global Communication
« We are surprised and delighted to see that the circular economy is a known topic, recognised as a real innovation lever for fashion, because consumption is changing and the desire to change things is great. This is very encouraging for our approach. »

CLARA DAVIS DESIGN (Spain) - February 2020

Clara DAVIS, Founder & Sustainable design Specialist
« There is a real interest from visitors in the innovations presented at Avantex, and many good contacts with decision-makers that could potentially lead to interesting developments. »

RBX CRÉATIONS (France) - March 2022

Anne REBOUX, Co-Founder
« The European calls for projects have really helped us to accelerate, in particular the ELIIT (*) call for projects which we were introduced to following a presentation at the Avantex exhibition, and which we benefited from following the submission of our partnership with the DITF, the largest textile research centre in Europe, to combine their HighPerCell® technology with our work on agriculture and the Iroony® hemp cellulose. » (*)Call for proposals ELIIT Project (European Light Industries Innovation and Technology)

AALTO University (Finland) - September 2018

Pirjo KÄÄRIÄINEN, Professor and CHEMARTS Programme Manager
« We have had many interesting exchanges with European and Asian companies for future collaboration. We do not sell finished products, but we can help in the creation of new materials. Overall, the contacts were numerous and focused on the future of recycling and respect for the environment in fashion. »

TORQ LABS (USA) - February 2018

Julian HOLTZMAN, Director
« I was invited to present my project and at the last minute, on the last day, a large sportswear group offered me some great opportunities. »


Omar CHERKAOUI, Member of the Cluster and of the ESITH School (Higher School of Textile and Clothing Industries)
« If Morocco is mainly seen as a country of subcontracting, the presence of the C2TM Moroccan Technical Textiles Cluster at a trade fair dedicated to innovation such as Avantex helps to change the perception of what the country has to offer. Around thirty professionals were very interested in our collaborative and innovative approach. »


Helen CHEN, Marketing Manager
« We are satisfied with our first participation in Avantex Paris, especially as we have been able to organise a very good fashion show. »

CORTEX (France) - February 2019

Claude CORBIÈRE, Director
« The participation is very international and it’s getting better from session to session. »

COCO & RICO (France) - September 2018

Cléa POLAR, Founder
« I am very happy, there were only real professionals, no curious people, but a lot of potential customers. The synergy between the exhibitors is very good, they can be future partners. We have enriched our portfolio with real international customers, especially in Asia. Thanks to Avantex, we will be in London next month! »

SOFILA (France) - February 2018

Augustin BIDEAULT, Sales Director
« Our technical products and products from biological sources have been our greatest success. »


Academy Representatives
« Several fashion stores have asked us to create marketing content for their spaces. We have been invited to Berlin for a hackathon and to Taiwan to design a clothing collection! »

They exhibit on Avantex Paris...


Fingertip - Singapour


Innovative digital supply chain management and tracking platform allowing all stakeholders to better collaborate, improve production quality through digital inspections, instant reports and access to unique business intelligence in real-time. 


Belharra Numérique - France


Editor of the e-SCM collaborative platform that helps fashion and luxury brands in the digital transformation of their supply chain to improve production management and make delivery commitments more reliable.


Coloreel - Sweden


Innovative instant colouring technology that can be fitted to any modern single or multi-head embroidery machine, allowing high quality textile thread to be coloured on demand, unlocking a world of potential.


Induo - France


Innovative textile company whose flagship product, INDUO® fabric, is stain and sweat resistant. 

Induo is also the originator of the GREENCOSE® process, which allows used textiles to be recycled into new clothes.



Euveka - France


A unique robotic solution to manage morphological data: the first scalable robot dummies, driven by a data management software. A phygital solution allowing to produce and sell clothes in a more inclusive and responsible way, thus accompanying all textile industries in their ecological transition.


SmartPixels - France


3D product customisation solution for e-commerce that allows all products to be configured and visualised on demand, in real time and in photo-realistic quality.

All elements of a product can be customised: cut, colour, material, etc. thanks to 3D technology, thus enhancing the e-commerce customer experience.


E&T Symbiose - France


Europe's first design agency to combine the power of electronics with the knowledge of textiles.


EFI Optitex - USA


Software solutions and services including 2D design and 3D visualisation platforms that cover the entire supply chain, enabling products to be brought to market faster and with higher quality.


Synovance - France


Synovance, a company specialising in strain development, has created a revolutionary synthetic genomics platform to rationally design genomes from scratch, faster and at lower cost than ever before. 

These genomes are tailor-made to produce sustainable chemicals, in particular dyes. 


Natural Indigo - Finland


Natural Indigo produces natural dyes on an industrial scale. Contract farmers supply the woad from which the company uses extraction technology to produce the colour indigo.

Natural Indigo also produces colours from industrial by-products such as onion peelings and willow.


Refact by Induo - France


Refact's highly scalable recycling technology turns used textiles into brand new garments. 

The fact that you can mix used and unwanted textiles (from multi-coloured textiles to garments with zips or buttons) without having to sort them before processing is unique.


Maeko Tessuti & Filati Naturali – Italy


Maeko produces high-quality natural fabrics with a controlled supply chain. 

The various yarns (hemp, nettle, bamboo, linen, organic cotton, alpaca, yak, etc.) are processed by expert Italian technicians and then sold on the national and international clothing and furnishing markets.


Vretena - Germany


Vretena is a sustainable and innovative brand with a passion for fashion, urban lifestyle, circularity and equity. 

All designs are assigned an individual circularity identifier (circularity.ID®) to enable and support circularity, sustainability and recycling of clothing.


Taiwan Functional Textiles – Taiwan


The Taiwan Tex Sourcing platform, proposed by the Taiwan Textile Federation, is a strategic tool for retailers and brands around the world to find qualified Taiwanese textile mills that supply functional fabrics in the areas of health, comfort, safety and sustainability.


TÜV Rheinland – Germany


For 150 years, TÜV Rheinland has been one of the world's leading providers of testing services, whose highly qualified experts test technical systems and products all over the world. 

They combine the absolute necessity of sustainability with a fundamental conviction: "Only companies that act in an integrated manner - economically, ecologically and socially - will be successful in the long term".


Bitfuel - Germany


Founded in 2018, Bitfuel is a digital marketing agency with a strong focus on immersive technology.

The company designs and develops digital solutions (from apps to corporate identities) that are user-centric, optimised for conversion and always at the forefront of technology.


Redonner – France


Redonner enables fashion brands and retailers to give new life to all their customers' fashion items! 

This white label solution collects and recycles all used or unused clothing, shoes and household linen from customers in exchange for rewards. 


Studio Maille – France


Specialising in the development and sourcing of knitwear products, Studio Maille offers free access to a large collection of knitwear at the cutting edge of fashion, as well as a constantly updated archive of yarns, stitches, jacquards and vintage pieces.

Specialising in cashmere, they are highly creative and technically skilled.

86% of our visitors satisfied with the contacts made at the show.*

76% of our visitors achieved the purpose of their visit, such as making new business contacts, seeing specific products or making purchase decisions.*

* July 2023

Avantex Paris also offers…

Avantex Fashion Pitch, the «fashion game changers» contest


Avantex Paris invites people with innovative fashion and textile projects to take part in a pitch competition. 

Present your project and try to the grand prize, including a free exhibition booth at the next show!

Discover Aware™, winner of the 2023 edition of the Avantex Fashion Pitch



Each year the Avantex Fashion Pitch rewards the best innovative projects in the fashion and textile sector. 

Candidates present their work in a 5-minute pitch to a panel of industry experts. Companies are selected in three categories: Services, Textiles & Soft Materials and Fashion Design.

This year's winner was Dutch company Aware™.



Aware™ has introduced its core product Digital Product Passport (DPP), a game-changing tool that empowers consumers the ability to access comprehensive data about the products they buy, including the entire supply chain journey, material composition and care instructions. 

Through a unique combination of physical tracer technology and a secure public blockchain platform, Aware™ ensures that sustainability claims are not just empty words but are backed by verified data.



“Being recognized with the Avantex Fashion Pitch’ Grand Prize is such an honor for Aware™️’s team. 

We developed a solution to support brands and suppliers to have trustworthy data, which helps them to make sustainability claims with confidence and consumers to make better and more conscious decisions”.

Koen WARMERDAM, Co-Founder and Director at Aware™



Aware™ was founded with a vision to revolutionize the fashion and textile industry by addressing one of its most pressing challenges: greenwashing and a lack of transparency. 

« With the aim of maximizing traceability and minimizing collective impact, our team is committed to creating an open network that empowers brands, suppliers and consumers..

With a focus on continuous innovation and collaborative efforts, we are committed to shaping a more sustainable and transparent future for the textile industry. »


Avantex Fashion Pitch

1 to 3 July 2024, Paris Porte de Versailles (Hall 7).
Meet and discover the Aware™ traceability solution at Avantex Paris!

You can also win a booth at Avantex Paris!

Deadline for applications: 7th June 2024

Final: 1st July 2024



Networking evenings, participative round tables, VIP club, Avantex Paris implements different formats to allow you to meet innovation leaders renowned for their active contribution to the evolution of fashion.

speakers 1- EN
speakers 2 - EN
speakers 3 - EN
speakers 4 - EN

Avantex Paris in the press

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Our partners

Avantex Paris has, since its creation in 2015, implemented actions to promote research related to the textile and clothing industry. 

Schools (Amsterdam Fashion Institute - AMFI, Hochschule Niederrhein, Hong-Kong Institute of Technologies, etc.), designers and collectives (Bio-fabrication in Fashion, Zero Waste Fashion Design) are regularly invited to showcase their work.

More information


TCBL Association, Textile and Clothing made sustainable

TCBL (Textile and Clothing Business Labs) is an association that brings together people and organisations to create a truly sustainable textile and clothing industry by developing new working practices and business models. 

TCBL members collaborate and experiment around projects and key themes such as: bio-based materials, inclusivity, circular design, local production, tradition and creativity.

As the first official partner of the ReSources area at Avantex Paris, TCBL enables the innovative and sustainable companies in its network to showcase their products and solutions in a dedicated space during the fair. 



Founded in Paris in 1841, ESMOD is a school that has established itself over the years as a reference in the fashion world.

Firmly convinced that the future of fashion lies in respect for the environment and for people, ESMOD strives to make its students aware of the need for a more responsible approach to their creativity. Its investment in innovation and sustainable development has enabled it to establish itself as a reference.

As a partner of the school since 2015, Avantex Paris shares its technical expertise in innovative textiles, products and services for all sectors of the fashion industries, enabling ESMOD students to explore new ways for the future.

Contacts :

Allan Gimenez, Show Manager

Stéphanie Kidza, Project Manager