Northern Linen


Linen has been cultivated by man for 36,000 years, already for its textile properties and long before the begining of agriculture under the neolithic period. Its history is interwoven with the one of mankind.

The know-how of the Dutchs Northern Linen does not date back to caveman times, but it carries more than a century of craftsmanship. The company’s history takes us all the way back to Russia, in the small town of Krassavino, 1851. The company was founded there, and soon begun to grow in Europe, a history that allows today Northern Linen to be involved in the entire process, from the cultivation of the plant.

Northern Linen has obtained the Global Organic Textile Standard certification, true recognition of its environmental and social commitments. This standard is applied at every stage of their productions, right through to the finished product, since all fabrics used by the company must have a minimum of 70% natural fibres.

Everything is controlled: from water use to chemical addictives, from cultivation to fabric manufacturing. In the recent years, Northern Linen has expanded its empire, by acquiring companies with the same commitment and expertise, such as Linopersempre, which has been working linen for 70 years in Italy. Today Northern Linen has spread all over the world.