Our trends spring-summer 2023 announce the fluidity, the balance found between human beings, spaces, elements, and digital.

First, there was the virtual world, which gradually brought communities of ideas closer together. Proximity was no longer a criterion, only affinities counted. We were in contact with differences only when forced to do so by work and social life. And then the world closed its doors, physically locked up the individuals. For months, the only other person we saw was our partner, the family member. Individuals who shared our aspirations. The difference, the contradiction, the otherness became even more distant. To an invisible horizon. We have become sleeping electrons. Without confrontation, the world became cold.

And yet, we do not have the luxury of hibernation. We will have to act, build, save. Our differences will have to confront each other again. To recreate life in its diversity, as the universe has done for billions of years. And not everything will be perfect. Some will seek to destroy themselves. Others will feed off their differences. Some borders will be impassable. But connections will be made. Alliances will be signed. And new surfaces will appear. We will have to relearn how to kiss and touch each other. But before that, we must rediscover listening and understanding. We will rediscover ourselves. What a beautiful prospect.