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Born of a strong political will, driven by the Up-Tex competitiveness cluster, the CETI embodies the commitment of an entire Region and Eurométropole to boost the textile industry of the future. The CETI is inaugurated in 2012 thanks to the mobilization of actors in the sector and the State financial support, Lille Metropole Urban Community, Nord Region Pas-de-Calais, Europe, Hauts de France.

CETI serves businesses to encourage and accelerate innovation. It is a place for designing, experimenting, prototyping and industrializing new products, materials and processes adapted to the needs of the global industry. CETI collaborates with producers, major brands and distributors of fashion, sports, luxury and technical textiles.

The CETI’s ambition is to propose solutions to the societal challenges related to Sustainable Development, to transform the entire sector and: minimize its environmental footprint, make smart technologies accessible, integrate digital transformation into the business lines, develop value ecosystems and deploy new business model (economy of functionality, circular economy).



Fingertip is a supply chain management software: a digital order & production management platform to monitor and manage quality and on-time delivery in real-time, from PO to shipment. Fingertip helps buyers, retailers, merchandisers, traders and importers to track the progress of their orders, manage their suppliers, improve quality, improve on-time delivery and make better data-driven business decisions.

Being a single collaborative platform, Fingertip allows users to manage production in real-time from any device, where-ever they are in the world.

Presentation on the show:

We are planning on demonstrating our software/app live. Fingertip is made of 2 products:

  • Production Board Fingertip: a collaborative platform to track your orders and manage your suppliers
  • Quality Support Fingertip: a digital inspection app to monitor and improve production quality

Both products come with amazing dashboards giving users tailored insights, and analytics around their chosen KPIs: Smart. Simple. Transparent.


  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Improve quality
  • One single platform
  • Follow-up on your orders in real-time
  • Collaborate better
  • Make better data-driven business decisions
  • Reduce cost and time wasted on low value tasks
  • Remove admin work
  • Full visibility and transparency

Fingertip is a single platform where all operation happens. All stakeholders are gathered inside one space where they can conduct their tasks, communicate with each other, monitor progress, remind each other of coming deadlines. The use of this platform allows our customers to increase drastically transparency of the production. Simple to implement, it takes no more than 2 weeks to be up and running in your organization. It has also a transparent and simple per user pricing, so you never have any surprise.

Stand D032

Komet story


The Komet
is a pop-up store 3.0. This 18m2 exhibition space is dedicated to ready-to-wear brands. The Komet is experimental, ephemeral and totally automated: there is no salesperson or cash register. Customers can book their private shopping time in the Komet alone or with their friends. The Komet Story app is required to book, access the Komet and make the payment. The ultra-connected pop-up with a system of chips, sensors and cameras.

The heart of the innovation is the automated customer journey: Try, Take&GO. This is possible thanks to the connected carrier that allows to know if the article is in its place or in the virtual basket on mobile application.

  • Try: Book the Komet and try on the clothes in the fitting room.
  • Take: Pick up the clothes and pay for the purchase on the Komet Story application.
  • GO: Leave the Komet without going to a traditional checkout or waiting. 

We offer two ranges of Komet: Indoor and Outdoor. The Komet Indoor can be set up in a train station, an airport, or a shopping mall. The Komet Outdoor can be installed in a city square, a forest, or on a beach. The assembly/disassembly and transportation of the Komet is very simple and fast.

The benefits for ready-to-wear brands:

  • Create a physical presence at lower cost
  • Increase the sales
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility
  • Test a new location
  • Optimize a seasonal offer

Stand C031



TEKYN is the digital collaborative platform that spans the entire textile production value chain. It reshapes the textile production experience through digitally enhanced agility, efficiency, reliability and transparency.

With its web or mobile interfaces and its 4.0 integrations in the workshops, the platform creates a digital synergy allowing fashion brands, weavers, workshops, agents and other suppliers to strengthen and fluidify their interactions. The result? An exponential increase in the agility of the production chain, collaboration between the various players, and transparency of the manufacturing process, a major asset for fashion brands and their partners to produce more efficiently, even to the point of producing on-demand!

Key elements:

Over the past 4 years, we have produced 100,000 garments on demand with 15 brands (Cyrillus, Redoute, IKKS, 1083, etc.) and 40 workshop's partners. Our production method enabled to avoid the overproduction of 30,000 garments, and showed to our partners that switching to on-demand production while managing to achieve a +10 point of final margin.

Meet us on our stand:

We will present a demonstration of the digital and collaborative platform

Stand C031A