Munkh Mongolian Cashmere



MUNKH is the story told by nomads through the precious fiber of Mongolian cashmere made into intricately crafted, extremely practical clothes. The local herders raise the herd humanely and ethically which helps the company to source eco-friendly, biodegradable cashmere and other natural fibers.

The company uses goat cashmere, yak wool and camel wool to produce generic knitwear that one can enjoy every day, meant to maximize one’s comfort and are meant to last.

Munkh supports and is part of projects and initiatives working towards Sustainable Cashmere:
One of the prominent and impactful projects is the “Sustainable Cashmere-fiber supply chain in Mongolia Project” implemented by STeP EcoLab, Switchasia, AVSF, and funded by the European Union. Their main goal is to obtain an “ECO” label for Mongolian cashmere.

The company accepts OEM/ODM/Private label and has a small MOQ of 3 pieces per Style / per Color / per Size for mass/bulk orders.
Stock room/ready to ship orders are also available (mostly yak wool items).

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Mongolia is one of the world’s largest producers of fine cashmere and the second largest cashmere supplier in the world market. Cashmere comes from the fine, downy, and soft undercoat which begins growing on the longest day of the year. Mongolian herders collect the cashmere in Spring by combing it out. Mongolian goats have some organic cashmere colors, which are 100% natural and organic many of these organic colors can only be found in mongolia.


Cashmere Quality is Defined by 3 Factors:

Length – The longer the hair, the better for cashmere. Due to the cold climate, the Mongolian goats grow longer coats of fur. Some Mongolian goat hair can be up to 40 mm or 1.5″ in length.

Diameter –for cashmere quality, the finer the hair, the higher the quality of cashmere. Mongolian goats have wonderful fine hair for cashmere production.

Crimping – Crimping is defined as to how much curve the fur has. Mongolian fur has about an average amount of crimping in the natural fur. So, when you consider all these things, Mongolian cashmere is a high-quality and one of the finest cashmere in the world.


All about Yak Down:

Yarn made from yak down is one of the most luxurious fibers available. It is warmer than sheep wool and as soft as cashmere. It is an extremely durable and lightweight fiber that preserves heat in the winter yet breathes for comfort in warmer weather.

Yak yarn is completely odorless, does not shed and maintains warmth even when wet. The yarn is non-allergenic and is a good choice for those who are allergic to other types of wool.

  1. It’s warm
  2. It’s soft
  3. It is strong and durable
  4. It’s breathable
  5. It is static-resistant
  6. It’s anti-bacterial
  7. It does not absorb any odor

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