Itineraries & Sectors

Small Quantity itinerary


Hundreds of exhibitors are offering quality products in small quantities. A real added value for designers, retailers or entrepreneurs who launch small series or create capsule collections.

  • Fabrics between 50m and 100m.
  • Ready-to-wear garments and fashion accessories for orders below 100 pieces.
  • Leather or related materials, clothing and accessories with possible orders under 1000€.

Find these pictograms in our visitor's guide to quickly identify the manufacturers adapted to your needs.

Sustainable Sourcing itinerary


For more than 15 years, the shows have been honouring fabrics of natural origin as well as responsibly and ethically manufactured products.

Find a selection of nearly 100 suppliers offering fabrics certified GOTS, GRS (Global Recycling Standard), Bluesign®, Organic Content Standard or WRAP with a very wide choice of ranges and materials.

Find the 4 coloured leaves for the following 4 categories:

Environmentally friendly materials


Certified organic materials, selected natural and recycled fibres, as well as biodegradable, advanced sythetic fibres.

Environmentally friendly processes


Materials manufactured in accordance with improved methods of dyeing (natural or chemical), finishing and environmental management.

Social standards


Fabrics and garments produced in accordance with transparent social standards such as fair trade and observance of labour laws.

Fully eco-friendly and ethical


Ecological materials produced in environmentally friendly processes and with viable social standards.

Handmade itinerary


A selection of companies representing the finest handicraft offer. Discover exhibitors coming from around the globe and their know-how in many different fields such as embroideries, brocades, handwoven fabrics and many more!