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Live to be discovered from 7-9 February: the Trend Book that accompanies the return of the Texworld Evolution Paris trade fairs to the Parc des Expositions de Paris - Le Bourget celebrates fertile confrontation, those areas where opposites express their creative power.

18 Jan 2022

Texworld Evolution Paris, which will be held from 7 to 9 February at the Parc des Expositions de Paris - Le Bourget, will be the opportunity to discover the Trends Forum imagined and designed by the art directors of Texworld Paris, Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud. Their thoughts, which structure the Interface inspiration book, trace the creative outlines of Spring-Summer 2023 fashion.

Displayed at several points in the exhibition area, this new forum highlights for the first time the expressive lines born out of these two years of crisis. It interrogates the new forms of "living together", the barriers between communities, cultures and materials by exploring the power of these interfaces in creative terms: the junction between digital and tangible, natural and synthetic, hard and soft... These associations, which give a particular place to materials and fibres, are to be explored through four major themes.

Border. « Between us, a border has been built. Invisible. [...] What shall we do with it? [...] A border is not an impassable limit, it is an opportunity. » This theme gives the material its rightful place, both frank and hard when it delimits (granite connection) and soft when it protects (warm membrane). This axis is based on a large tonal palette that runs from graphite to arctic blue, but always in rather muted and "earthy" aspects.

Alliance. « Because recognizing that we share the same destiny is the first act of intelligence. [...] For the first time we are looking in the same direction. And we want to move forward together. [...] » This ethereal and spiritual creative line devotes palettes of blues and greens, where the material (carved embroidery) and the fibre (fibrous protrusion) are expressed in tones - transparent or opaque - in a spirit where nature often shines through.

Connections. « A little bit of us has crept into you. [...] We are not quite the same as before our alliance. We have enriched each other. [...] To open up gaps to see the light emerge. » This theme is the one that carries the initial claim the best. Oriented towards synthetics and fluorescence, it expresses all aspects of the material in an assumed way, up to showing the accidents. It is the area of "mixing" and Interfaces, of fluorescent angora and knitted (recycled!) plastics. 

Surface. « And without realizing it, the world grew again. The meetings revealed their secrets, the secret of immortality. They gave birth. New territories. Unknown zones. Vaster. [...] Finally, a perspective. » While moving away from transparency, this theme also plays on the points of contact and exchange between virtual and real, between earth and space, through a palette of blues and greens that can be imagined as "flat surfaces" in the style of "flat design". The mixtures (crystalline membrane) and contrasts (antic collage) that confront the materials are not forbidden. 

Visitors to the show will be able to discover these major thematics through all the material samples and finished products selected by the show's artistic directors to illustrate concretely each of the creative universes of SpringSummer 2023 fashion.

The INTERFACE Trendbook is available here.
Artworks to download here.

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