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At the heart of the Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 trends for the fashion industry. While waiting for the 2021 trade shows, EGOLOGY to bounce back.

23 Jul 2020

Make way for creativity! Despite the absence of a physical edition in September, Messe Frankfurt's trade shows continue to occupy a key position in the sourcing strategies of European buyers for textiles and clothing, leather, alternative materials and fashion accessories. Designed to provide inspiration, the Messe Frankfurt France Trendbook is a creative tool for building these strategies. Finally, it is a creative concentrate for thinking about the fashion of the future!

"EGOLOGY. Here's a curious word... Here's a curious concept: the science of the self. Not psychology, but it relates to the Ego and the World, to our world, our direct environment: living. Our ego had to fade away, our very presence almost withdrew from the world… We have rediscovered the pleasure of being us, we are reborn and are moving forward in a strong season full of commitment and positive will. The colours of the season reflect this deep desire. They also mark a generation twist, a societal shift marked by an ethical modernism"

The Trendbook EGOLOGY is available for download from website:

Artwork to download here.

Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, authors of the Trendbook, scrutinize and analyse the currents of inspiration that have been driving the fashion shows for the past 4 years. Combining sociological studies, marketing approaches and creative development, they identify and decipher the moods of tomorrow.

The major upheavals we are going through have left their mark on the Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 season. As we lead fragmented lives at the frontiers of the digital and the real, these trends reflect, in reaction, the perception we have of ourselves. Nourished by current events, the Trendbook is structured around 4 major areas of reflection:


"Welcome to Egotia. The land of illusory freedoms. Where everyone thinks they can do what they want. But where doubt is forbidden and opinion erected into certainty. Under a banner. Where there must be more than one person..."


"...You must, you must, you must. We must, we must, we must. We have led a silent revolution. Internal. The one of us plugging our ears. No longer to listen to outside cries. Hysteria became the norm. In this newfound silence, a voice was heard. Only one. That of our appeased ego..."


"...we were about to tip over into a world from which there is no return. Voluntary, joyous self-destruction in the name of the majestic and uncontrollable Self. But we reacted. A little violently. We had to take out a lot of ego. Bypassing the decision-makers. It wasn't a head-on battle. It wasn't about killing, it was about making it unnecessary... "


"... That the world is beautiful when you look at it without wanting to possess it. That the other is enriching when we listen to it without wanting to subdue it. That the truth is beautiful when we tell it without disguising it. Our creations are colourful. In the image of humanity. They are spontaneous. Instinctive. Ephemeral. Eternity is an illusion that chases the ego..."

Sans titre-2

"The Egology range has 3 accents of Red: "Holistic Signal", "Glaring Alarm", "Precious Sediment", and exalts authenticity and positive energy. It is completed with organic mineral tones, in a powdery pink spirit, and contrasted with the sparkling deep green "Wild Grass" and mustard "Original Pollen"; it opens towards the positivism of sky blue "Benevolent Neutrality" and invites to the digital serendipity of the times through the UV of violet "Spectral Neon"" say the Art Directors.

The four axes defined in this Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 trendbook will enable buyers to structure their research work using the new platform for digital networking with exhibiting manufacturers. In partnership with Foursource, it will be available from September 1st on the tradeshow’s websites.

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1st to 4th February 2021

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