Le Bourget can be reached quickly and easily by air, train or car.


Free shuttle buses from monday to thursday

Departure at 8.30am, 9am, 9.30am, 10am, 10.30am, 11am, 11.30am (except Thursday), from arrival level T2 D, Gate 9, and between T2 E and T2 F. From departure level T1 Gate 8, approx. 30 minutes later. Ongoing return service.

By RER express line
15 minutes by RER B, direction Paris, get out at Le Bourget train station. Free shuttles will be available between the train station and the shows. Ongoing return service :
- On sunday from 11.30am to 10pm
- From monday to thursday from 7.15am to 7.15pm
15 min from the airport / Gare du Nord train station.

porte maillot


From « Porte Maillot/Palais des Congrès »

Free shuttle buses
Between Porte Maillot/Palais des Congrès and Le Bourget exhibition fairground, Monday to Thursday: 8.30am, 8.45am, 9am, 9.15 (except Thursday) 9.30am, 10am.

Navette RER

By RER express line

RER B, only 10 minutes from the Gare du Nord to the Le Bourget station. Free shuttles will be available there to take you to the shows. Ongoing return service each day from 7.30am to 7pm

Plan acces bus public

By subway + bus

• Line 7 direction La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945, get out at La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945.
+ Bus 152 direction Le Blanc Mesnil and get out at Michelet-Parc des expositions.
• Line 12 direction Porte de la Chapelle, get out at Porte de la Chapelle.
+ Bus 350
 direction Roissypôle, get out at Michelet-Parc des Expositions.

By bus only
Bus 350
 at Paris-Gare de l’Est or Paris-Gare du Nord direction Roissypôle, get out at Michelet-Parc des Expositions.

By car
15 minutes from Paris. Motorway A1 exit 5 Le Bourget. (address for GPS: Carrefour Charles Lindberg, 93 350 Le Bourget – France)

Download the access map to Paris le Bourget


Free shuttle buses

Between Villepinte - Parc des Expositions RER express line station and the shows entrance.
Tuesday & Wednesday from 9.30am to 5.30pm.
Thursday 9.30am to 4.30pm.


Exhibitors daily rate: 50€ (VAT included)

Visitors rates:

From 0 to 3 hours – 0,80 per 15min
From 3h01 to 6h – 0,60 per 15min
From 6h01 to 9h – 0,30 per 15min
From the 9th to the 24th hour – 20€
Per 24h – 20€

Lost ticket flat rate per 24h – 20€

Every 15min slot started is due
Coach rate / day – 40€

Get from a hall entrance to another


To quickly get from hall 2 entrance to hall 3-4 entrance, do not forget to hop on the small train with an ongoing service between both entrances.
Monday-Wednesday from 7.45am to 6.45pm
Thursday from 7.45am to 5.15pm

This train is located just outside both entrances.

Concierge service by Viparis


Tailor-made concierge service is available during the show.

They will answer all your questions concerning your stay in Paris. Among other things, metro & RER (fast train) tickets are available for sale.

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