Conferences program


During 4 days, our program of round table and conferences will help fashion and textile actors in their development:

Market knowledge & best practices:

  • Having more services, a necessary asset to conquer and sustain markets?
  • Ethiopia, a sourcing destination with strong potential
  • Modernisation, innovation, reconversion: the winning strategies of textile and spinning mills
  • Between manufacture and sale, how to reduce the lead time by decreasing your carbon footprint?
  • Which fibers and channels should be chosen for a fashion that can be recycled?
  • Leathers and materials: how to meet consumers new expectations?


  • Louis Gerin, Texworld Paris Art Director – Trends
  • Consumer, marketer, influencer, producer and designer: who’s at the center of today’s fashion?
  • The role of innovative fashion and textile as a future interface for well-being
  • What are the roles of virtual shopping assistants and robots in tomorrow’s retail outlet?
  • Co-design and other key components of fashion collections in the social networks era

Additionally, Leila Rodrigues Gomes, Pantone’s Marketing Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa will hold a special conference: Color Intelligence and overview on Spring/Summer 2020 Color Trends.

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