Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary


It combines sustainable development and creativity to present eco-friendly and ethical suppliers, legitimized by rigorous selection criteria.
These 75 exhibitors are grouped into 4 distinct categories, easily identified by the different-coloured leaves:

  • Green, environmentally friendly materials: Certified organic materials, selected natural and recycle fibers, as well as biodegradable, advanced synthetic fibers
  • Blue, environmentally friendly processes: Materials manufactured in accordance with improved methods for dyeing (natural or chemical), finishing, and environmental management
  • Brown, social standards: Fabrics produced in accordance with transparent social
    standards such as fair trade and observance of labour laws
  • Silver: For exhibitors who combine the three previous categories

A selection of these eco-friendly textiles will be presented at the Trends Forum.
See the Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary


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