The new "handmade itinerary"


In order to promote the best craftsmanship skills of our worldwide exhibitors, we are launching a dedicated itinerary:
To be discovered next February, this "handmade itinerary" will bring together about 30 exhibitors who will offer embroideries, brocarts, handwoven fabrics and many more!

This third itinerary comes in addition to the two previous ones: 

The Small quantities itinerary, flexibility that provides opportunities!
It gathers exhibitors able to supply:

  • High quality fabrics between 50m and 100m, to allow you to find more easily the fabrics you need in small quantities,.
  • Quality ready-to-wear garments for orders below 50 or 100 pieces,  to allow you to find more easily the clothing you need in small quantities.

"Texworld allows products to be developed and provides opportunities to meet with professionals. I met an Indian silk printer who has suggestions for some extremely interesting possibilities for development. What is more, he is flexible about minimum orders, which is vital for designers.” Gaspard Yurkievich

The Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary, that combines sustainable development and creativity!
It presents eco-friendly and ethical suppliers, legitimized by rigorous selection criteria. These exhibitors are grouped into 4 distinct categories, easily identified by the different-coloured leaves:

  • Green, environmentally friendly materials: Certified organic materials, selected natural and recycle fibers, as well as biodegradable, advanced synthetic fibers
  • Blue, environmentally friendly processes: Materials manufactured in accordance with improved methods for dyeing (natural or chemical), finishing, and environmental management
  • Brown, social standards: Fabrics produced in accordance with transparent social standards such as fair trade and observance of labour laws
  • Silver: For exhibitors who combine the three previous categories

A selection of these eco-friendly textiles will be presented at the Trends Forum. 

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