The fairyland for fashion: a dense conferences, workshops and catwalks program

Information, a key factor in business competitivity!
Many economical conferences will be led on the conference room, Hall 4, close to the VIP Lounge.

You are willing to learn everything about the economic issues of the clothing sector?


Cambodia, a new dragon in the world clothing trade

Cambodia has, for the last 6 years, been experiencing a very strong growth in its clothing exports to the European markets. Its strengths are competitive wages and a zero-duty market access to Europe. What are the prospects for this country which is endeavouring to develop a strategy to enhance its offering?


The Chinese Clothing Industry and the Belt and Road Initiative

China's apparel industry is still by far the world's largest producer and exporter of clothing. Is it really in decline? What are its performances, its assets, its competitive strategies? What are the expected impacts from the implementation of the Belt & Road initiative?


Panorama of the global clothing trade

What are the new trends in the world’s apparel trade? Who wins & who loses? What performances and prospects for the main suppliers of the European Union?


Bangladesh, a fierce and impressive competitor in textile and clothing

Highly attractive toward international distributors for their sourcing, Bangladeshi wages are among the lowest in the world (monthly minimum: USD 64). The country benefits from a privileged access to European markets under the "Everything But Arms" customs regime. Bangladesh is also trying to enhance and diversify its offering.


The distribution of the future

- Round table n ° 1 dedicated to new technologies applied in distribution channels, with the participation of distributors as guest speakers - Round table n ° 2 led by Jean-François Limantour (Evalliance) over the impact of new technologies on distribution (business models, impacts on employment and skills, distribution channels, new consumers ...)


Sourcing in Vietnam

2nd supplier of the United States, Vietnam is increasingly becoming a major supplier of the European Union in clothing. What are its assets? What to expect with the implementation of a proactive policy for vertical integration, diversification and enhancing of its offerings? What becomes of the free trade agreement concluded in 2016 with Europe?

The Avantex Paris Agora will host a large program of conferences and roundtables, led by renowned professionals who will guide us, in light of their expertise, on the issues of the sector and the challenges of tomorrow.

For techno-fashion and smart-textile enthusiasts:


DITF round table: Digital textile microfactories as response to the market demand for a local production and reactive supplying chains

Speakers: Christian Kaiser, DITF / Didier Dubesset, Grafitroniks / Michael Nothelfer, Caddon / Mike Horsten, HP / Romain Pouzol, Quatrecarre / Thomas Brinkhoff, Dürkopp Adler Language: English Agora Avantex Paris


Avantex round table: the sustainable dimension of innovative materials and processes

Speakers: Brice Auckenthaler, Tilt Ideas / Elodie Ternaux, Hyloh / Mara Poggio, CETI / Alain Claudot, Eco TLC / Pirjo Kääriäinen, Aalto University


Avantex round table: eco-printing and eco-dyeing: prospective technics?

Speakers: Aurélia Wolff, Whole / Elise Hallab, Artiste Sérigraphe / Jérémie Blache, PILI / Clément Bottier – ENSAAMA

On the Apparel Sourcing Paris Agora, you will find many core expertise conferences:


Discover the trends of tomorrow for a sourcing closer to Fashion!

The Spring-summer 2019 trends will no longer hold any secret for you, thanks to Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, Art Directors of the shows.


Pantone Color Institute

Get inspiring ideas, colors and trends

A style without geographical limits! Find the catwalks in their dedicated area in Hall 2:


For more information about the conferences, please contact: Cassandra Galli

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