An all-out Turkish offer


Turkey will present over one hundred exhibitors at Texworld Paris, with a selection of finely made cotton and knits from the major producers Migiboy Tekstil and Bordo Tekstil, who offer a range of organic cotton.
Not to mention Kuzenler Tekstil, the experts for shirting, who offers a full, very high-end range.

Boosted by an experienced creative scene, a major industrial base and in-depth knowledge of the customs and attitudes of its neighboring European industry, this country is for many companies an absolute must and it maintains a key position when it comes to textile imports in Europe (second in European textile imports in 2016 – source IFM).

This Turkish omnipresence also manifests itself on the Elite sector, the area that brings together in one place the firms that provide comprehensive solutions and which are willing to supply a wide range of complementary services called for in the production chain (design offices, logistics etc.).
A lot of faithful Turkish companies can be found on Elite, they have identified an excellent opportunity to address their need to export and to diversify by assigning priority to the European market:

  • The knitting manufacturer Reisoglu, who has developed Thread in Motion, an application that retrieves information when it comes in contact with the fabric.

  • Joyteks Tekstil, a specialist for viscose and jacquard who owns a research & development facility, and also offers digital printing for maximum customisation.

In addition to inaugurating the new Leatherworld Paris with 3 leather experts, Turkey is making its very first participation at Shawls&Scarves Paris with Seven Arma, a Turkish accessories specialist of ties, bow ties and scarves.

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